pool coping for skateboarding

Welcome to Tedder Stone, the original pool coping company dedicated to skatepark construction.  We sell pool coping to the most well respected construction companies in the industry.

Tedder Stone is the original pool coping designed and poured specifically for skateboard park construction.  Tedder Stone is considered the highest quality coping by construction companies and professional skateboarders.  Our special mix makes our coping grind better and last longer than all others.

Comparison of major coping company (left) vs Tedder Stone (right).
Installed side by side in backyard skate pool after four years.  Major company's coping is ground down and ready for replacement in the next year while Tedder Stone holds up.

Coping by Tedder Stone was designed to be the ideal replacement coping.  Many parks built with swimming pool coping are now requiring replacement.  The base measurements of Tedder Stone coping makes replacements easy and cost effective.

Roxbourgh Village Skatepark in Colorado with Tedder Stone.  Photo by Shawn Reinert

Created by skateboarders, for skateboarding, Tedder Stone offers a full line of radius and flatwall coping in our classic Standard Bullnose and our new Shadowline profile.  We also carry Lady Finger and Diamond Coping available in flatwall (straight) only.  Please see our order from for Standard Bullnose or Shadowline for a complete list of radi offered.